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Bankruptcy & Debt Relief



We help people stop foreclosure, eviction, garnishments, repossessions and other aggressive collection efforts. Our goal is to help  you regain control of your financial life.  When we meet with you, our goal is to help you find your best solution to your financial problems.


If you could afford a $1,200+ upfront fee for a Chapter 7 case, or a $3,200+ upfront fee for a Chapter 13 case, you probably wouldn't be considering filing a bankruptcy case in the first place. We get that. So, we've thought long and hard about how to make a living at this, yet still help most anyone who needs our help. 


What's the answer?  Individualized fees; payment plans; and flexibility, because one size does not fit all.Our pricing is simple and it's fair.


We know that contacting a lawyer can be intimidating. That's why we disclose our competitive, full-service rates on our website. We also spend time up front learning about your financial situation, and determining the expected complexity of your case. Then, we automatically offer reduced fees for low income folks, as well as payment plans for services that you hire us to do post-petition. And, if you're willing to do some of the work on your case (saving us time), we'll give you credit for that.  For example, if you can organize and upload all required documents before your first meeting with us, you can save some  real money on your case. And/or, if you agree to communicate with us primarily electronically (by text, email or client portal) during your case, you can save even more money.

​Start now, or learn more about your options below, and then get in touch!  ​


Chapter 7

If you need debt relief, and you're eligible to file under this Chapter, filing a Chapter 7 case is usually the way to go. Chapter 7 eliminates credit card debt, medical bills, and other unsecured debt, and most people keep everything they own and get a fresh start on rebuilding their financial lives.


Small Business Bankruptcy

Small businesses that are struggling financially have a couple of options for relief under the Bankruptcy Code:

1) Chapter 7: Businesses that are no longer viable can be liquidated in Chapter 7. The business owner must sell all of business assets to pay creditors and close the business. But in exchange, any remaining business debts are discharged.

2) Subchapter 5: Subchapter 5 (of Chapter 11) is a relatively new option for small businesses, that allows them to reorganize debt and continue in operation.

We can help you walk away, or get your business back on its feet.


Debt Settlement

Sometimes bankruptcy just plain doesn't make sense for some clients.  If negotiating debt settlement or a payment arrangement with a creditor looks like it might make better sense for your situation, we can help with that, too.  

The worst thing you can do is sit around worrying about how you're ever going to repay overwhelming debt. Let's talk about your options for relief!


Chapter 13

Chapter 13 is a 3 - 5 year repayment plan. We look at Chapter 13 for very specific reasons. The major reasons for considering Chapter 13 are, our client: 1) is ineligible to file a Chapter 7 case for some reason; 2) is facing foreclosure or repossession, and needs time to catch up on payments; and/or 3) needs to manage debt that  Chapter 7 doesn't help with.


Filing a Chapter 13 case can help you save your home or car, and otherwise get you back on track.


Adversary Proceedings

Adversary Proceedings are lawsuits filed in the bankruptcy court, either by or against the bankruptcy debtor. Whether you're a debtor in bankruptcy who needs to sue a creditor for some reason, or you're a debtor who's been sued in bankruptcy court, we can help.

We also file adversary proceedings on behalf of folks who might have claims against bankruptcy debtors, and we can help creditors or third parties file for relief from the automatic stay.


Credit Repair

Let’s Talk — If a creditor has violated the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, or the Fair Credit Reporting Act, or even certain other federal and/or state laws, the courts may force that creditor to pay your attorney fees. Let’s discuss the specific facts of your case. Schedule a free consultation, ASAP!



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afternoon appointments may be an option.


Need an evening appointment?  Let us know. We may be able to accommodate.


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