Pricing + Services


Bankruptcy ~ Chapter 7

You choose — Our Chapter 7 rates start at $300.00. We have a unique fee structure for Chapter 7 cases. Our rates are income-based, and also dependent on the anticipated complexity of your case and the level of service you want from us.

Real Estate

$150/hour, payment plans available, other fee arrangements possible — We provide numerous real estate-related services, from simple document drafting to complex title review to landlord-tenant matters to litigation of easement and neighbor disputes.

Buyer Agency

Various rate structures available: Real estate commission (paid by your Seller), our regular hourly rate, or a negotiated flat rate for defined services — Since out attorney is a licensed Real Estate Broker, if the circumstances are right, we are entitled to a commission split with the selling agent. We often represent home buyers in a dual role, as their agent and as their attorney, and if we are eligible for commission from the Seller, we waive our attorney fees. If you’re in the market, call us to discuss before you start looking!

Estate Planning

Flat fees — Although we will consider other fee structures, we generally charge very reasonable flat fees for drafting estate planning documents, like wills, trusts, powers of attorney, healthcare directives and living wills, ladybird deeds and the like. We generally amend existing documents on an hourly-fee basis.

Bankruptcy ~ Chapter 13

Generally — Our Chapter 13 rates are also income and case-complexity-based, starting at $1,800.00 and ranging from $1,800 - $3,400 (for pre-confirmation services). Subject to the approval of the bankruptcy court, we bill for post-confirmation services at our regular hourly rate.

Ordinarily, our clients pay the bulk of our attorney fees over the term of their 3 - 5 year Chapter 13 plan, as part of their Chapter 13 plan payments.

Emergency Cases — We will file emergency Chapter 13 cases for $0 down. Emergency cases are filed to stop foreclosure (sheriff’s) sales, to avoid repossession of a needed vehicle (or to recover a recently-repossessed vehicle), and to stop wage garnishments.

Non-Emergency Cases —  We do require a modest upfront payment to file non-emergency Chapter 13 cases, generally, $500.00. Typically, the bulk of our attorney fee is paid over time, through the plan.

Divorce & Family Law

$150/hour, payment plans available — Description text. Sed ac urna lacus. Donec fermentum venenatis ipsum, eu efficitur mi placerat quis. Donec et convallis metus, et luctus odio. Fusce porta quam purus, vel consectetur est luctus vel.


$150/hour, payment plans available — Description text. Sed ac urna lacus. Donec fermentum venenatis ipsum, eu efficitur mi placerat quis. Donec et convallis metus, et luctus odio.

Fiduciary Services

$150/hour, payment plans available — As families become more disconnected, our attorneys are available to serve as trustees and personal representatives of smaller estates.