Real Estate Attorney in Lansing, Michigan

Our attorney started her legal career with Consumers Energy, as a real estate and right-of-way lawyer. Since leaving Consumers, Kim Savage has applied everything she learned there to best assist her clients in their real estate transactions. Our practice focuses heavily on "By Owner" transactions, but we also regularly work with landlords and tenants.

Buying & Selling Homes

We frequently represent buyers and sellers in residential real estate transactions. We provide knowledge and expertise that most real estate salespersons don't have, and we play a role in protecting our clients that is very different from theirs. We never act as dual agents - we negotiate with only our clients' best interests in mind, and work to protect our clients' rights throughout the course of the most significant financial transactions of their lives.

For Knowledgeable Advice


Landlords & Tenants

We represent both landlords and tenants, both in and out of court. For example, we can help either side avoid later issues by carefully negotiating lease terms prior to move-in. We can also help either side with eviction and security deposit-related disputes, and maintenance-related concerns. We work with property management companies, apartment complexes, and individual landlords and tenants, and appear in courts in Ingham, Eaton, Livingston, Clinton, Shiawassee, and Jackson Counties.

Easements & Right-Of-Way Law

We have a unique specialty. Since Kim Savage started her legal career working in-house as a real estate and right-of-way attorney, it was natural for her to represent landowners in negotiations with utilities and pipeline companies when she opened her private practice. Since 2012, we have represented over 150 landowners impacted by pipeline and other major utility projects.

When we couldn't settle some of these files, we defended our clients in condemnation (eminent domain).